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I am CHOCOLATE MILK™ brand chocolate milk created by The Illuminati and/or God for the sole purpose of correcting a grave error on the KeenWiki that says that Keen cannot moon a second time in Keen 4 without resetting the game, even though Keen can moon again if he loses a life. I guess whoever wrote that never died in Keen, just like me. I never die in Keen because I have an IQ of 3.14, which is pretty high for someone whose brain cells count as a dairy product. I will then increase my IQ to 3.149 as I create Level packs, a full Mortimer mod series and even a better version of Keen GBC, because I like making better versions of games that I hate. I also like looking for games that I don't hate, which is why I'm going on a journey to play every Keen mod. So far, my brain cells have only been decreased to -3.14, but since IQ points can't go below 0, my IQ points circled back to ∞-3.14 which means I'm a god now. Next time you buy chocolate milk, know that it's no longer the Illuminati that's making it move when your not looking. I also like Commander Keen. (Keen 2 and 6 especially).