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Hi, I'm Deadly Headshot. Not sure what to write about myself in this page.

I got into Keen in my childhood as it was one of the few games we had on our old 486 machine (great little machine that was). At the time I wasn't too overjoyed with it (the 2 button firing didn't endear me to it), but when I found the disk about 10 years later I got back into it with gusto.

My area of expertise here is mainly just SGA and fixing spelling/grammar errors (I'm not a Grammar Nazi, but this place is meant to look professional, right?).

My First Article!

Editing Tags info (put here so I can always find it easitly...)

Those from PCKF may also know me as the admin (or "Cereal Archduke") of The Cereal Board and its new sister site The Cereal Wiki.