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I am Eros, a Canadian with an overly large ego. My main goal here at KeenWiki is to help others by creating basic pages that give info about any of the original 7, and Celick's 3 unofficial TUITs (which actually seem like they were created by Tom Hall).

Nothing else to say, except i'm gladly getting owned by "Battle of the Brains".

UPDATE! As of January 4th, 2011, I am beginning a new chronicle of keen mods, I call it... HAYRO! You guessed right, this is going to mean that there will be a Halo world, many nostalgia-inducing monsters, insane level designs, fun dialogue, and much more!

This will be a trilogy, inspired by and referencing Halos, 1, 2, and 3. They will be mods of 6, 4 and probably, 5.

as of january 14, 2011, the alpha versions of Hayro 1 worldmap, level list, items, and the bosses have been finished. pictures shall be released soon, on the PCKF hayro thread.

to be part of the dev team, PM me on PCKF.