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Hello! GARGapplz here, joined 10/01/10. I have always loved the Commander Keen games even though they're older than i am, amd I've been playing then for most of my life, so of course, I'm a long time fan. In fact, The Secret of the Oracle was the first video game I ever played! (That's saying something.) I like keeping up on stuff in the Keen community, and learning about stuff i didn't know... I enjoy playing fangames, and like to see whats new. Even though there may not be that many fans anymore, that doesn't make these classic games any less amazing!

Also, Feel free to visit [1]my personal Wiki, "Applesauce Wiki", at [2] Wikispaces. You can join my wiki as a member, or create your own wiki for free on the excellent Wikispaces server (/unpaid advertisement).

As of yet I've accomplished nothing in the community, and I'm generally that guy who just hangs around annoying the masses with senseless comments and projects that nobody REALLY cares about. And yet, I've persevered, and I'm working with VikingBoyBilly on my first mod (and hopefully last after THIS experience, though I'm working on another with Gridlock once I'm done.) It is entitled "The Second Biggest Sandwich I Ever Saw!!", and should hopefully be out some time next year.

I'm an avid player of Lemm's NetKeen, although I'm about one of only 4 regulars now, and lose quite often to two of them.

I'm active on the Keen IRC Channel at #pckf I also watch over a sub-channel where we host NetKeen games, #netkeen

My Favorite Commander Keen episode is Episode V, The Armageddon Machine. I hate Keen GBC with a passion, though I imagine it could be an enjoyable game had some idiot at ActiVision not slapped a Commander Keen logo on it.

You can feel free to contact me on my talk page, on the PCKF, Keen:Modding forums (there I'm "KEENAPPLESAUCE"), on YouTube (/user/GARGapplesauce), or on either of the IRC channels I've mentioned above.

My Mods