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A fifty word biography? Hmm. What to put. Well, I first started playing Commander Keen when my dad first installed Commander Keen 4 and 5 on the PC. Ever since, I've been hooked. Commander Keen to this day remains one of my fondest video game series because of how early on it was when I played it.

I am the author of a couple Commander Keen fan projects, but only one is actually out and about while the other I think I never released. Both were made with the Games Factory and feature very basic gameplay, buggy platforming and amateur level design common with The Games Factory games.

Hyperkeen was never released, at least I don't think so, but it takes a lot of graphics from Commander Keen 2000 (which inspired me to make it). There are three weapons, although one is only available during a boss fight, and all enemies can be neutralized or destroyed in some way.

Commander Keen Andromeda was a remake of Hyperkeen. This was an attempt to try and incorporate original graphics instead of ripping off of past keen games - still many enemies are taken from Commander Keen 4, and I reuse old artwork I did for another game I was working on at the time. It was sort of a crossover between Commander Keen and my own universe since some locations and characters I made up appear in it.

I attempted to work on a loyal port of Commander Keen to Doom, even had a level with Commander Keen 5 graphics and some moving platforms. I may still work on a Doom based Commander Keen game since I am still active in modding for Doom but I make no promises.