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Hi, my name is Jon Gonzalez, A.K.A. T-Squared

I've been an MS-DOS game enthusiast ever since I played them as a child.

I'm not a massive fan of Commander Keen, but I liked it enough to play and test some mods made by others on the Public Commander Keen Forum. I am currently in the middle of creating my own mod, but not based on Commander Keen.

Instead, I am working on a mod of a sister game to Commander Keen: Cosmo's Cosmic Adventure.

As of 2015, it has been in progress for nearly 8 years, and I am not finished.

However, I have also found enough interest to help with art for Commander Keen mods (i.e. Atroxian Realm), and I could probably make some art for yours if I find the motivation.

If you are interested in seeing some of my vector graphics work, I have a website, including a resume, at