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Hey folks. Drop me a line on the talkpage if you want to talk.

I'd just like to thank the users of the Keen Wiki and anyone else who has made multiple worthwile contributions to the Keen community as well. With y'all's support, Keen will never die.

Where you can find my worthless tail

YouTube as Cockatiel2007

Wikipedia as Xterra1

Radio Dead Air chat as Xterra

Club MST3K as Xterra

Other rather-useless crap about me

I'm a US native. I currently live in Alabama.

Game series that I an a fan of:

  • R-TYPE (SHMUP series by Irem)
  • Gradius/Nemesis (SHMUP series by Konami)
  • Sonic
  • Keen (of course)
  • Mario
  • Pac-Man
  • F-Zero (futuristic racers by Nintendo)
  • Donkey Kong
  • Cruis'n (Cannonball Run-style racers by Midway)
  • San Francisco RUSH (arcade racers by Atari)
  • Robot Arena (robotic combat by Gabriel Interactive and Infogrames)
  • Gex (platformer by Crystal Dynamics; you play as a smart-arsed gecko)
  • DOOM
  • Quake
  • Wolfenstein
  • Unreal (1997 adventure FPS by Epic Games)
  • Unreal Tournament
  • You Don't Know Jack (irreverent trivia games by Jellyvision/Jackbox Games)
  • Ridge Racer (drift racers by Namco)
  • wipE'out" (futuristic racers by Psygnosis/SCEE Studio Liverpool)
  • Marathon (if DOOM and Halo had a kid....helps that it was made by Bungie)
  • Darius (SHMUP series by Taito)
  • Ninja Baseball Bat Man (a real game by Irem; look it up and be amazed)