Version 1.21 (Revision 2)

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Version 1.21 (Revision 2)
Version 1.21 (Revision 2) new.png
Mod-ingame-Version 1.21 (Revision 2).png
Modded episodeKeen Dreams
ProtagonistCommander Keen
Release date
Discussion(s)Release on PCKF
Release on Keen: Modding
Number of levels12
Secret levels0
New gameplay?Yes
New graphics?Some
New levels?No
New sounds?No
New music?No
(full version)
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Version 1.21 (Revision 2) is a Keen Dreams mod made by Szemigi. It is an unofficial update based on version 1.13 and following version 1.20.


General changes:

  • The start-up screen is completely different
  • On the start-up screen, the 'Please standby...' text has been replaced by a blinking 'Loading...' text
  • The debug levels have been removed
  • The help menu sections have been updated
  • The story section has been expanded with game hints and credits
  • The unused music option from the main menu has been removed
  • The useless Sound Blaster and the Sound Source options have been removed
  • The size of the status window has been reduced

Graphical changes:

  • The title screen resembles to the one used in the registered version 1.0 of the game, except it has stripes in the background like in the later official versions
  • The 'KEEN DREAMS' text is shaded
  • The Broccolash and King Boobus Tuber have the correct look
  • Copyright info at the bottom of the title screen has been updated
  • Each of the world map edges have been supplied with blackish-greyish line and have been corrected
  • The bitmap icon of the Adlib sound option received a new graphic

Level changes:

  • Additional platforms have been added in Melon Mines and Bridge Bottoms, so the player can surely go back in case of going down too quickly
  • Additional platform has been added to the bottom of Apple Acres to access the secret place a bit easier
  • After level 5 (Parsnip Pass) the levels have been rationalized:
    - Level 6: Spud City
    - Level 7: Apple Acres
    - Level 8: Grape Grove
    - Level 9: Brussels Sprout Bay
    - Level 10: Squash Swamp
    - Level 11: Castle Tuberia
    - Level 12: Boobus' Chamber
  • The title screen level (level 20) has been removed

Fixed bugs:

  • 'The Melon Mines' is renamed to Melon Mines
  • The tile property of the pole's top is no longer climbable
  • Keen can no longer jump down the hills in Horseradish Hill
  • The player now cannot drop down the exit sign
  • In Melon Mines, the pole is not nearby the Cantaloupe Cart anymore
  • In the boss level, the missing top of the platform at the right corner has been supplied with tile top


  • Keen's walking on the map and in the levels has sound
  • "You didn't make it past" text received a double dot mark
  • Keen uses his two unused jumping sprites facing left or right
  • Except KDREAMS.CMP and KDRV121.PAT, all the files use KDR extension
  • The 'Lost Episode' and the 'Keen 3.5' nicknames are mentioned

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