Big-n-Beefy Burger

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Big-n-Beefy Burger
Big-n-Beefy Burger.png
Appears inKeen 3
Point value100
Ammo valueN/A
Acts as keycard?No
Gives life?No

The Big-n-Beefy Burger is an item in Keen 3. It is a burger with three buns, similar to an Earth Big Mac. It is doubtful the "Big-n-Beefy-Burger" is the real name of this snack, as Vorticons do not have cows, and hence, do not have beef. On the other hand, perhaps they adopted the recipe from Earth as similar snacks are found there.

This burger is similar to the Hamburgers found on the Vorticon Mothership, though they are more caloric, probably the reason they cannot be taken on military missions.

The in-game help lists Big-n-Beefy Burgers as worth 500 points, but collecting one only adds 100 points to the score. If they were worth 500 points, it would be similar to the points of the Hamburgers at the Vorticon Mothership, so probably the actual points is a mistake in the game (which was rushed in other ways, too).

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