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This page lists all the bugs, odd behaviors and unexpected actions that have been discovered in Keen 3.

Shoot through the roof

See the Keen 1 Shoot through the roof bug, which applies to Keen 3 as well.

F8 Crash

See the Keen 1 F8 Crash bug, which applies to Keen 3 as well, in version 1.0.

Extra levels

See the Keen 1 Extra levels bug, which applies to Keen 3 as well.

Youths with Talent

See the Keen 2 Youth bug, which applies to Keen 3 as well since Youths are also in this game.

'Fly' without cheating

It is possible to 'fly' in the air without using a cheat. Just press jump and then fire at almost the same time. You will waste a few bullets, but it is good for getting to tough places when you do not want to cheat. However it should be noted that this is more of a 'double jump' rather than flying. You can get a small 'kick' if you shoot at the right time, letting you jump just a little higher than normal.(It happens because Keen goes to standing after shooting, if you press jump on this frame Keen will jump off of nothing.)

Keycard troubles

The Blue Key is surrounded by sky blue, while the other keys aren't.

If you look at the Blue Key in the Status Screen, it has a sky blue aura around it; the tiles used does not have the white border that all of the other status screen tiles use, and this error was not noticed before the game went into production.

Buggy levels

At least two levels in the game, the Caves of Oblivion and most notably Hal's Kitchen, contain areas that cannot be accessed. This is probably due to the fact that the Keen 3 levels had to be completed quickly near the end of the development of the game, leading to bad design that accidentally locked out some areas in the levels.

Unreachable key

The platform in question in versions 1.0 and 1.31.

In version 1.0 of Keen 3, in the level Fort Cavort, the platform in the water in the west part of the level is smaller, making the yellow key inaccessible. Fortunately, due to a peculiar bug in the game, it is possible to "jump" through the yellow door in this level. This was corrected in version 1.31.

Unreachable school

In version 1.0 of Keen 3, in the level Hidden City, it was not possible to get to the top of the mountain, where a school with the translation of the Standard Galactic Alphabet can be found. This was corrected in version 1.31.

Mixed points

The in-game help lists the Big-n-Beefy Burger as worth 500 points and Zitto Candy Bar as worth 100 points. However, collecting a candy bar adds 500 points to the score, and collecting a burger only adds 100 points. This is probably a mistake, and the items were supposed to be worth the points mentioned in the help section. Every point item in Keen 3 is symmetric to the point items in Keen 2, so if these items were worth the same points as the Hamburger and Candy Bar respectively, the symmetry would be complete (compare).