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Modded episodeKeen 1
ProtagonistCommander Keen
Release date
Discussion(s)Release Thread
Development Thread
Number of levels7
Secret levels0
New gameplay?No
New graphics?Yes
New levels?Yes
New sounds?Yes
New music?Yes
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Botafloria is an abandoned Keen 1 mod by Nospike. It's development was announced in 2010 and a beta was released in March 2021 alongside Mura.


THE STORY. Billy Blaze, an 8 year old genius boasting the enormous IQ of 314, has just saved the universe. And such an incredible deed will inevitably take its toll in one form or another. "Whew, I'm so tired," Billy muttered, pacing slowly around his room. His mother was busy preparing dinner downstairs, which only aggravated him even more. The mere thought of having to consume mashed potatoes was revolting to him - and mashed potatoes were the only kind of food he was sure to be served. An idea sparked within Billy's mind. He immediately began forging a rebellious plan to sneak out of the house and go for a little vacation at one of his favorite places in the universe - Botafloria, a beautiful planet with warm sun rays and one of his largest secret stashes of candy. A child genius' dream! Hence Billy once again dons his brother's yellow Packers helmet and becomes...

COMMANDER KEEN - Defender of the Universe!

Rushing out of the house into his backyard workshop, Keen quickly grabbed his spare Neural Stunner and promptly left the clubhouse, closing the door. His Bean-with-Bacon Megarocket, a hyper-advanced spaceship made from old soup cans, rubber cement and plastic tubing, was standing triumphantly in the middle of his backyard. The hatch opened automatically as Keen got close and jumped straight into the cockpit. He plotted a course for Botafloria and sat back in the pilot's chair as the hatch began to close. "Billy! It's dinner time!" a voice shouted from the doorway. "Aw nuts!" Keen whipped out the Neural Stunner and pulled the trigger, aiming in his mom's general direction. He tried to shoot again just to be sure, but the Stunner emitted a loud click. Out of ammo. Luckily for him, the bright green projectile hit, causing his mother to plummet to the ground unconscious. The Megarocket began to rise above the trees, then the roof, and then the higher roof of the McMires' house. Keen quickly ignited the main engines and soon left the Earth behind. --41 games of Paddle War later-- Botafloria was in sight. The yellow fields of naturally growing wheat were occasionally cut off by thick green forests and sparkling lakes of crystal clear water. Keen couldn't wait! As he was descending and preparing to land the Megarocket, Keen couldn't help but notice a peculiar structure on the horizon. He decided to fly a little closer until the anomaly was in clear view. It was a huge complex of strange buildings with a distinct alien appearance. And - oddly enough - its surroundings seemed to be rid of flora... "This is NOT happening! Oh no!" Keen quickly landed his ship, dashed out and looked around. This meadow used to be his favorite place to take a stroll, rest and study the various plants growing here. And now it was simply gone, replaced by the hideous structure built here... by whom? "Where you are, stay! Move not!" a voice yelled in broken English. A squad of yellow-skinned aliens with strange spikes on the backs of their heads emerged from the building and dropped their camouflage. Keen was promptly handcuffed and was being taken inside just as he noticed one of the aliens climbing into the cockpit of his beloved Megarocket. "Hey! Get out of my ship!" he shouted in desperation, only to be poked in the back with a scary looking raygun. He dared not look back, yet he could clearly hear the engine come to life.

Commander Keen was brought into a small ground-level room and forced to sit in a painfully uncomfortable metal chair. He carefully looked around; the only way out was a tiny window. For some reason, the two aliens standing guard next to the door neglected the importance of tying his hands to the chair, leaving him with a very clear escape route. Keen decided to play prisoner for a while, then escape when the opportunity arises. All of a sudden, the awkward silence and the guards' angry stares were broken by the creaking noise of the door opening. A rather short human entered the room, prompting the guards to leave. He looked Keen over before letting out a menacing laugh. "Hee ha ha ha ha ha! Welcome to your doom, Commander Clown!" His voice sounded very similar to Keen's. In fact, his attire was also confusingly similar - he wore a football helmet, a plain T-shirt and jeans. The only differences were the contrasting colors. His helmet was an eye-burning combination of cyan and pink, his T-shirt a dark green. "Who do you think you are? I've already dealt with imposters like you before!" Keen threatened, curling his right hand into a fist. The memory of the Calidune incident was still greatly embarrassing. "I am the almighty Commander Mean!" the imposter bragged. "We are the Snickians of planet Snickus II. This planet's wildlife is a threat to our glorious empire and shall be wiped out without remorse along with any pitiful resistance such as you." Keen's eyes widened in horror. "Wiped out?!" "Yeah. We believe that below the ugly green waste of space lies a great elemental treasure, such as uranium. Oh, and plutonium too. Lots of the stuff." Keen could no longer sit idly. "I won't let you destroy this planet!" Keen snapped, jumping out of the chair and kicking Mean in the gut. He then darted over to the window and leapt through, performing a sloppy roll to soften the harsh landing.

Commander Keen crawled out of his makeshift hideout, gazing at the horizon lined with alien structures with burning anger in his eyes. He slowly pulled a shiny new weapon out of his pocket, attaching a vial of purple liquid to it. "Now it's on!"


  • Patches: Levellass
  • V2 Patch: Lemm
  • Sprites: MortimerMcMireStinks]
  • Music: GameBird