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CKFSC Fangame
CKFSC Fangame.png
Fangame-ingame-CKFSC Fangame.png
Created withKEENGINE
Release date
Number of levelsUnknown
Secret levelsUnknown
Downloadnewest (demo v0.41)
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CKFSC Fangame will be a fangame based on the KEENGINE game engine. Since the engine itself is not finished yet, there are currently only some TechDemo releases to download. Those demos are intended to show off the abilities of the engine and should not be mistaken for actual game content.


Gameplay is aimed to play as much as possible as the original Keen 4-6 games. This means that the main person (Keen) will be able to walk, jump, use a pogo stick to jump higher, shoot and hang on ledges. The game will play like a classic platformer.

Current features

  • Walking and slope walking
  • Jumping and falling
  • Using the pogo stick (plus some sort of Impossible Pogo Trick)
  • Collision detection
  • Climbing on poles (shooting while on a pole not implemented yet)
  • Switches and teleporters
  • Galaxy-style menus and help sreens
  • Multi-language support


The controls of the engine in its current state are the same as that of the original games. The keys can be re-assigned in the game.

  • Keys left and right move Keen around the playfield.
  • Key down will make Keen look down.
  • Key up will make Keen look upwards.
  • Ctrl will make Keen jump. Jump height is dependant on how long the ctrl key was pressed.
  • Alt will activate/deactivate the pogo stick. Keen keeps on jumping low, but will blast into the air once you press ctrl during pogo mode.

The engine also supports gamepads (for in-game control input only!), but there is currently no way to configure controls for that.