Commander Keen: Earth's Chaos

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Commander Keen: Earth's Chaos
Commander Keen- Earth's Chaos.png
Fangame-ingame-Commander Keen- Earth's Chaos.png
Created withThe Games Factory
Release date2002-07-23
Secret levels0

Commander Keen: Earth's Chaos - Episode One: Video Game Rampage is an unfinished fangame created by Superadammario64 with The Games Factory. A demo released in July 23, 2002, with a promise that the full version would come out in either Christmas 2002 or January 2003. Shortly after the demo's release, however, the author quit making fangames, feeling that they weren't good enough. Since then, Superadammario64 has called Earth's Chaos his best fangame, in spite of its incompleteness and below average reception. [1][2]

In this game, Keen get sucked into his Nintendo 64, where he would visit different game worlds. The demo only contains two worlds (Mushroom Kingdom and Yoshi's Island) that span a total of eight levels. The gameplay is pretty simplistic; Keen can't use his pogo outside of one level and has unlimited ammo. However, there are a couple unique features, such as a shop and powerups, the latter of which are acquired throughout the story.

Outside of the main game, Earth's Chaos has a Breakout-style minigame called Space Breakout. The menu has a button for "Small PMW 2 Demo", but clicking it doesn't do anything. The demo is unprotected, so it can be opened with TGF, Click & Create, and their successors.


As stated in the in-game story section:

8 Year Old Billy Blaze aka Commander Keen works on his newest invention. The game zapper which puts any one into a game and back out of it. Later that night someone broke into the house and only Billy woke up. He put on his clothes and helmet and quietly went downstairs. But suddenly the person caught Billy by surprise. It was Mortimer McMire! And he had the Game Zapper.

''So Mr 314 I guess this time I will rule the Galaxy and destroy the earth'' He said. ''What are you talking about?'' Keen said. "I will use my newest Satalite Zapper and destroy the Earth then I have other plans over at my Hq" He said. Then he zaped Keen with the game Zapper to his N64. Hope you have good look at the explosion of the Earth Commander Clown ha ha ha! Now Keen must first try to get out of this game and then stop Mortimer from his evil plan. Can you help Keen save the day?


Only two passwords are offered in the demo:

  • Yoshi's Island: yoshi
  • world (given after defeating the Big Boo boss, but no level is assigned to this password)


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