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Commander Keen: the comic strip is a webcomic strip created by Mort. It is based around the adventures of Commander Keen, who acts as the comic strip's central character. Mort introduced the first strip on 2nd June 2007 at the Public Commander Keen Forum. Several other strips, which don't follow a continuous story and are referred to as "Practice Comics" by Mort, were posted within the next days, as well as other related artwork. On 23rd June, Mort posted the first two strips of the regular storyline at the forum, which is based on Invasion of the Vorticons. With strip #029, Mort put an indefinite hold on the Vorticons storyline and continued with stand-alone strips and short stories of a few strips instead. 41 strips are available so far, excluding the Practice Comics and two "deleted" strips of the Vorticons storyline.

A German translation of the first 34 strips is available at Commander Keen Fan SITE Celle.

Commander Keen: the comic strip number 18