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Commander Keen Fan SITE Celle is a German Commander Keen website run by Uwe Schaefer. It was founded in 1999 under the name Keen Fan Club. It is the largest known Keen fansite in German. Celle refers to the town in Germany where the site's owner is from.


The site offers general information on Commander Keen, game tips and tricks, SGA translations as well as various German translations of the original English game text, including stories, endings, and enemy descriptions. A dozen of fan-game reviews written by Uwe Schaefer are also available, as well as a gallery of scanned game covers and a Keen knowledge test.

Commander Keen Fan SITE Celle also features a fanart collection, a guestbook, a message board, and its own wiki, the Galactopedia.

Since 23 March 2008, a German translation of Commander Keen: the comic strip is available at the site. It currently covers 34 strips.


The site was first hosted at Homestead. Uwe's account was created on 5 August 1999. It was originally called Keen Fan Club, but eventually renamed since several visitors thought that they could join a club. In February 2001, the site received its own domain,, and went online with a new design. In April 2001, the fansite got a message board at ezBoard. The Homestead domain,, stopped working on 30 September 2001.

After many updates since 2001, Commander Keen Fan SITE Celle was inactive for many years since the last update on 14 March 2002. The message board was also closed during this time. On 24 March 2007, Uwe relaunched the site, now completely redone. Since then, it also features a new message board and the Galactopedia.