Flixxy the Fox in Mineepleo

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Flixxy the Fox in Mineepleo
Flixxy the Fox in Mineepleo.png
Mod-ingame-Flixxy the Fox in Mineepleo.png
Modded episodeKeen 1
ProtagonistFlixxy the Fox
Release date
Latest update2020-01-13
Discussion(s)PCKF demo 4
Keen: Modding: demos 1-3
Number of levels7
Secret levels0
New gameplay?No
New graphics?Yes
New levels?Yes
New sounds?No
New music?No
Downloadnewest (demo 4)
demo 3
demo 2
demo 1
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Flixxy the Fox in Mineepleo is a Keen 1 mod by Bonevelous (previously known as Harvey). It was originally titled Commander Keen in Mineepleo. The mod is notable for its heavily modified color palette.

On Keen Day 2009, the first demo version with one level was released. It was followed by two other demos in March, which introduced a new world map and more levels. In January 2020, Bonevelous released a fourth demo featuring a new character named Flixxy the Fox.


The 2009 version involves Keen being invited to an intergalactic party by the Vorticons. However, Mortimer creates a decoy Vorticon VI looking exactly like the real one. When Keen tries to land on the planet with the Bean-with-Bacon Megarocket, a magnetism on it forces him to crash land, and then the planet instantly transforms into its true form – Mineepleo. On Mineepleo, Keen has to find the four energy sources of the magnetism to escape.