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Intro Text
Initial release
Development statusFinished
Tool TypeGraphics Editor
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Needed SDL Library

Intro Text is a tool to modify the intro animation in Commander Keens 4-6 written by OnkelPeterle in 2004.


To run this tool the SDL.dll is needed.

This tool supports the changing of the Intro-Animation-Text-Graphics of Keen4, Keen5 and Keen6.

A BMP-File from which the Tool can import the Data is needed. However the BMP-Files did not need to be 1bit they should only consist of two colors.



  • normally the COMMANDER-text
  • scrolls from right to left
  • 1664x200pixel


  • normally the KEEN-text
  • scrolls from left to right
  • 668x200pixel

Note: The tool do not check if the given file exists nor if it overwrites any file.

The tool needs to be started via a CMD by typing:

introtxt bmpfile

where bmpfile should be without extension So "introtext commander" will open a bmp-file named "commander.bmp" and will write a bin-file called "commander.bin"

The output *.bin file needs to be re-imported via ModKeen.