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Keen Armageddon
Keen 1 title.png
Mod-ingame-Keen Armageddon.png
Modded episodeKeen 1
ProtagonistCommander Keen
Release date
Number of levels16
Secret levels0
New gameplay?No
New graphics?No
New levels?Yes
New sounds?No
New music?No
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Keen Armageddon is a level pack for Keen 1 released by Adam in 1999-04-21. Adam himself states in the help that this level pack was designed to be difficult. All of the levels except The Run are 127x127 tiles in size, but often not all is accesible. The level pack is unique in its use of a random tile as background in each level. The Complex for example uses the exit sign, while The Run 2.0 uses the 'Die' sign.

It was intended to be part of a series with the same name, which would have at least nine installments. However though, it seems that nothing was ever known about these other installments, with the exception of what's found in the in-game text.


As stated in the in-game story text (with a few grammatical corrections):

Commander Keen was innocently working on his spaceship in his backyard clubhouse, when he hears a whistling noise, like a really fast wind. Keen gave up working on his ship's new laser beams and went outside. He got out just in time to see a fireball zoom down into his clubhouse, blasting his ship and clubhouse to smithereens. He ran inside to watch TV in the shelter of his home. He wondered if that comet was meant to hit him. Maybe, it was just some interstellar junk that happened to enter Earth's atmosphere and destroy his thousand dollar ship. Then Keen decided that a more reasonable idea was that some evil martians were trying to destroy him so he couldn't get in the way of their universal conquest plan. Well they wouldn't succeed. Commander Keen knew they thought he was dead, so he decided to spend the last night of the year with his family. Tomorrow would be the start of a new year, and a new adventure. Next year-2012. No problem, right?

Keen was abducted on New Year's at the strike of midnight. The very first second of a new year. It also happens that Commander Keen met a Vorticon in a stasis field when he arrived on the strange planet. "Where the heck am I?" asked Keen. "You are on Mars," explained the alien. "I knew that," said Keen, lying like a rat. "What's going on? Am I being abducted so some alien organization so that they can take over the universe without me interfering?" The alien replied, "Yes. The Gargs are planning to rule the universe." Keen replied with a long laugh, "The Gargs are little shrimpy wimps." The alien agreed, but added, "They have harnessed the power of the brownians, a super-powerful microbe. They CAN rule the universe. They have the power. Only you can stop them. They have also hypnotized some stupid Vorticons again. This time, just kill them and think nothing of it." Keen grinned. "Okay," he said, "Hey, wait a minute," Keen added, " How did the Gargs know I was alive?" The Vorticon replied, "They have the brownians. They know all." "Ooh, spooky," commented Keen. Then he walked toward a city in the distance.

When he arrived at the city, he found a ship. He hopped in it, but it was missing some parts. That is the point of this game. You must find the parts to the ship and blast off to find the cause of destruction.

Level Summaries

The Guide to the levels as seen here can also be found in the modified ingame help of this level pack:

  • Level1: Iceland This level started out nearly impossible, but after making it possible to beat, it became extremely easy. Oh well. This is just the first level.
  • Level2: The Broiler This level suffered a fate much like Iceland, but it managed to keep it's difficulty. You're going to fry.
  • Level3: Dopefish Aquarium I know Dopefish is misspelled, but I forgot the S, and when I realized that I had already put in the first underwater part of the level, and I didn't feel like redoing everything. This level also suffered the same fate as levels1 and 2, but in a much smaller way. This level is pretty easy though.
  • Level4: The Complex This level consists of two puzzles and a hop up some platforms. The first part is finding the blue keycard. The second part is a little game of chance. This is one spot where even God mode won't save you- unless you get lucky. This level suffered an extreme loss of challenge from memory errors. That should make you happy though.
  • Level5: Ropes And Ice This level is not very challenging at all. It never was any challenging. That stinks.
  • Level6: Jump One of my truly challenging levels. I've got the hang of it now, but I was having loads of trouble before. Just jump, or you're dead.
  • Level7: Aquatic Terror This level takes some getting used to. It is made up of three parts. The first part is Seaweed Invasion. The second is The Iceberg. The third is The Underwater Fortress, which includes a bunch of gargs getting trapped in pits, looking really weird!
  • Level8: Winter Wonderland Ruins This is all that is left of the Winter Wonderland that attracted visitors from all over the galaxy. It is made up of three parts. The first part is the third story, where you fall into. It is where the Gargs have destroyed a significant amount of walkway, revealing the deadly plant life below. The second part is the second story, which you drop into at the end of the third story. This one the Gargs have set fire to, and the ice is melting! In the first and final story you will be sliding across the ice, avoiding the collapsing ceiling! The Garg Emperor is behind this. Can you find him?
  • Level9: The Trickery This level suffered the same fate as Levels 1, 2, and 3. This level isn't hard, but it is tricky.
  • Level10: The Run 2.0 This level isn't hard. It's just quick. I didn't recreate the original The Run as well as I had hoped, but it still requires quick moves to beat.
  • Level11: The Run Fast, fun level. I took it from my old level pack, Psycho Keen.
  • Level12: Foreground This a platform jumping level. There are some rewards at the bottom of the level if you decide to drop in. There are lots of lollipops in the windows. You should be glad I put in those windows. Things will be different in Keen: Armageddon2. . .
  • Level13: Star Chamber This is one of the great domes that the martians have made. It was used with the same technology that they used in Dopefish Aquarium, but it has a different purpose. This is designed to be like actual outer space. All of the air has been pumped out of the chamber, so it is even more like outer space. Hopefully this lack of oxygen won't effect Keen's eyesight, because he will need keen eyesight to get out of this place.
  • Level14: Intelligence This level is called intelligence bnecause of the Anti-Id signs in the background. We don't like Id, do we, Friends Of Commander Keen? This level has lots of jumping to get you upset and wondering when it will be over. Probably sooner than you think.
  • Level15: The All-American Slaughterhouse There are five slaughterhouses for you to die in. Which one is right for you? After the slaughterhouses there is a pit, a bunch of gargs, and then a bunch of Pepsi.
  • Level16: The Cannon Platforms The final level. It starts out like Foreground without the rewards at the bottom and without the lollipops. Then it turns into an easy platform jump. This level suffered the same problem as Level1 and all of the other unfortunate levels I've listed. I did have a vorticon on every platform, but when I learned they were invincible I had to delete them all. But one survived. I did add in ice cannons, but they don't cause much trouble.


Technical Information

  • Graphics: Keen 1 graphics
  • Story text: new story and ending text.
  • Levels: 16 levels
  • Tools used: Keen Make-Over