Keen GBC Bugs

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This page lists all the bugs, odd behaviours and unexpected actions that have been discovered in Keen GBC.

Progress Loss

Occasionally when exiting a level before completion (done by pressing SELECT while on the Status Screen) previously completed levels will be flagged as uncompleted, causing you to lose any progress made. The exact way to trigger this bug has not yet been completely determined.

Teleporter Animation Break

If a button (with the exception of Start) is pressed as Commander Keen is teleporting into an area, the teleportation animation will stop and be replaced by the button's corresponding animation.

Robo-Bloog Cheap Shot

The Robo-Bloog launches a preemptive strike.

The Robo-Bloog will launch an energy ball attack the moment that his area loads; the only way to avoid Commander Keen taking damage is by immediately breaking the teleportation animation by exploiting the above-mentioned bug.