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Initial release
Development statusFinished
Tool TypeGraphics Editor
Discussion(s)PCKF Discussion Thread
DownloadKtiledit v.0.2 newest

Ktiledit is a simple tile(set) graphics editing program for Keen 1-3 written by KeenRush in 2016.


The following files needed to be placed in the same folder. You don't need other Keen files, in case you want to keep the editor in a different folder.


  • Note: ? is the episode whose tile(set) graphics you want to edit.
  • Note: ktiledef.txt is a settings file. Presently there is only one option: the first character

in the file sets the overall zoom level for the editor. Use values 1-9.


When running the editor (ktiledit.exe), it automatically loads the tileset.

The best way to learn the editor is by trying it out. Here are the commands:

Tileset Commands

ktiedit in action.
The edited results in game.
Key Action
up & down scroll tileset up and down
left mouse button chooses a tile
right mouse button expands tile area (maximum is 8x8 tiles)
click outside tileset makes selection go away
Return / Enter openes the chosen tiles in editor (some need to be chosen)
F5 saves the tileset to disk, replacing the file that was opened
Ctrl + F4 loads the tileset from disk again, if you need to (unsaved changes are lost)

Editor Commands

Key Action
1 - 4 selects the view
A zooms out
S zooms in
click the top of the screen

(color boxes)

changes current color

(you can see the current color in the mouse pointer)

click tiles with left mouse button changes pixel color -> draw
click tiles with right mouse button changes pixel color to chosen color's darker or brighter shade

(this only makes sense if you're using the original palette)

Ctrl + Z undo changes.

to undo more than once simply let off the 'Z' and then press it again

Return / Enter saves the changes to tiles and go back to tileset view
ESC returns to tileset view without saving tile changes
  • Note: Tiles are not saved to disk until you press F5. Make sure you do.