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Mortimer stands by the Morticore.
The Morticore's black hole.

The Morticore is another one of Mortimer's devious inventions, which is held inside the Blugoi and found during the Keen 1 mod The Morticore. It is seen in level 16, as a background object.

The invention's appearance is a red blob-shaped body with a red cylinder on the top along with a green eye. After a set amount of of time, the Morticore will activate and create a black hole that has the same name by using a formula Mortimer made. On it's own, the Morticore can only suck up anything weaker than a planet. However though, four items that can found inside the Blugoi are meant to be used to power-up the Morticore. If at least one of the items are in place, the Morticore will be able to suck up entire planets in seconds and possibly even the entire universe (especially if all four items are in place). The items that are used are:

Alien Mushroom.png
Alien Mushroom (used to make the Morticore grow infinitely)
Map (used to grant the Morticore the ability to move anywhere from its original position)
Flute (used to greatly power up the Morticore's pulling forces)
Minicore (designed to give the Morticore the ability to create moving mini black holes anywhere)

Keen has heard about this invention thanks to his Photachyon Transceiver. He went to the Blugoi in order to remove the four items, but didn't deactivate the Morticore. This may be because either he has no time to deactivate the Morticore or he thought the black hole could possibly get rid of Mortimer as he is stunned during the game (Keen stated in the story text that Mortimer should be sucked up by the black hole).

In the ending, Keen watches the Morticore suck up the Blugoi from a very long distance before returning to home, in order to check if Mortimer escaped before being sucked into the black hole or not.