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A map of the Blugoi.
The Blugoi, as seen in the ending of The Morticore.

The Blugoi (once misspelled as the Bluegoi in-game) is a big ship that is shaped like a pogo stick, constructed by Mortimer McMire, and is the main setting of the Keen 1 mod The Morticore. It is known as the house of the Morticore, along with the four items that are meant to power-up the Morticore. To protect the four items and the Morticore, however, many guard robots and obstacles are found within the Blugoi.

Many buildings are found within the Blugoi. Some of them guard other parts of the Blugoi, while some others contain the four items that are meant to power-up the Morticore. The purpose of the buildings that do not guard or have any of the powering items is unknown, with the exception of level 5, as it appears to be a stash for food and treasure. They may be built just as an attempt to distract Keen.

Outside of and near the Blugoi is a blue sphere that has a building and a teleporter back to the Blugoi. It appears to be built by Mortimer McMire too, since it has a similar look to the Blugoi and holds Sevreens and Mustacalars, but like some of the Blugoi's buildings, its purpose is not exactly known.

When Keen managed to take the four items, he escaped the Blugoi, allowing the Morticore to go off. The Morticore's black hole sucks up the Blugoi whole, never to be seen again.