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Appears inThe Morticore
Harms Keen?No
Shots to defeat1
Keen meets a couple Sevreens.

Sevreens are green-and-blue one-eyed humanoid service robots that are found in the Keen 1 mod The Morticore.

They are very common robots, as at least one of them are encountered in nearly every level. The only levels where not even a single Sevreen is seen are levels 5, 15, and 16. They roam around the Blugoi, possibly looking for any problems to fix. They will push Keen, but can be temporarily stunned by being stomped upon, or permanently stunned from a shot.

The in-game story text states:

Service bots that will always agree to fix, while they do not hurt Keen, they can be a bit of a pushover sometimes.

Sevreens are Yorp replacements.