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Deadly tiles are tiles in Keen Vorticons that kill the player in some way. The 'lethal tile' property is a general tile property of the tile. Related patches are Patch:Dead Keen and Patch:Tiles. As lethal tiles mostly work by calling the 'kill Keen' code in a game, the patches on this page are quite simple and limited. All patches relating to Keen's actual death code are elsewhere.

No lethal tiles

This patch simply disables the lethal tile property. This may be desired as a safeguard or for other reasons. Keen will be able to touch deadly tiles as if they were nothing.

Disable deadly tiles

#Disable deadly tiles - Keen 1
%patch $4387 $E9 $01EEW

#Disable deadly tiles - Keen 2
%patch $71C9 $E9 $01A2W

#Disable deadly tiles - Keen 3
%patch $7A32 $E9 $01CEW

Keen gets\loses something when killed by lethal tiles

This patch changes a single game stat every time Keen is killed by a lethal tile. (But not when killed by enemies.) This can do anything from set his ammo to 0 to giving him Ankh time. (Which he can then use at the level start.) If Keen has hitpoints this can be even more useful.

The default item being given in this patch is the red keycard, but anything else will work just as well. This patch also requires the C T Space Cheat to be disabled, which is what the first line does. (It can be made compatible with the C T Space cheat however.)

Hazard tiles give Keen a red card when he dies

#Hazard tiles give Keen a red card when he dies - Keen 3
%patch $114E $EB $16
%patch $7A32 $E8 $4F $94
%patch $0E84 $C7 $06  {$9D20W}  [$0001W]  $E8 $6A7CW  $C3