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The finale, or ending sequence in Keen Dreams is the briefest of all ending sequences in the Keen games. It involves little more than three text windows appearing over the level Keen has just completed. After this the player may be able to enter a high score.

Note that even the 'winning sound' played before the windows appear is in fact coded by Boobus Tuber's dying actions rather than being part of the ending sequence proper.

Ending windows

This requires some knowledge of Patch:Text patches. By default all the windows are the same, but this is not necessary. However windows are not erased, so it is best to have each window the same size or larger than the one before it. Window text is a single line of text with multiple line breaks.

Keen Dreams First window

#First window
%patch $5918 [$0015W] #Window height (21 chars)
%patch $591C [$001EW] #Window width (30 chars)
%patch $592D [$06B8W] #Text read from:

#First window text
%patch $24128 "Yes!  Boobus Tuber's hash-brown-" $0A
              "like remains rained down from" $0A
              "the skies as Commander Keen" $0A
              "walked up to the Dream Machine." $0A
              "He analyzed all the complex" $0A
              "controls and readouts on it, then" $0A
              "pulled down a huge red lever" $0A
              "marked "On/Off Switch."  The" $0A
              "machine clanked and rattled," $0A
              "then went silent. He had freed" $0A
              "all the children from their" $0A
              "vegetable-enforced slavery!" $0A
              "Everything around Keen wobbled" $0A
              "in a disconcerting manner, his" $0A
              "eyelids grew heavy, and he" $0A
              "fell asleep...." $0A $00

Keen Dreams Second window

#Second window
%patch $5957 [$0015W] #Window height (21 chars)
%patch $595B [$001EW] #Window width (30 chars)
%patch $596C [$0889W] #Text read from:

#Second window text
%patch $242F9 "Billy woke up, looking around the" $0A
              "room, the early morning sun" $0A
              "shining in his face.  Nothing." $0A
              "No vegetables to be seen.  Was it" $0A
              "all just a dream?" $0A $0A

              "Billy's mom entered the room." $0A $0A

              "'Good morning, dear. I heard some" $0A
              "news on TV that you'd be" $0A
              "interested in,' she said, sitting" $0A
              "by him on the bed." $0A $0A

              "'What news?' Billy asked," $0A
              "still groggy." $0A $0A $00

Keen Dreams Third window

#Third window
%patch $5991 [$0017W] #Window height (21 chars)
%patch $5995 [$001EW] #Window width (30 chars)
%patch $59A6 [$09D5W] #Text read from:

#Third window text
%patch $24445 "'The President declared today" $0A
              "National 'I Hate Broccoli' Day." $0A
              "He said kids are allowed to pick" $0A
              "one vegetable today, and they" $0A
              "don't have to eat it.'" $0A $0A

              "'Aw, mom, I'm not afraid of any" $0A
              "stupid vegetables," Billy said." $0A
              ""But if it's okay with you, I'd" $0A
              "rather not have any french fries" $0A
              "for awhile.'" $0A $0A

              "THE END" $00

Sequence has only two or one windows

This patch removes one or two windows from the ending sequence, making it simpler.

Keen Dreams

#Ending sequence has only two windows
%patch $5990 $CB

#Ending sequence has only one window
%patch $5956 $CB

Windows have different borders

It is possible to make certain windows use a different set of 8x8 tiles for their border. This patch is on the 'text windows' page.