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Executable switches are additional commands placed on the command line that have effects in the game. An example is the nowait switch which skips the B800 waiting screen shown when the game is first started and automatically enables debug mode which allows quicker access to the cheat codes.

Switches are used by running the game with the switch on the command line (E.g. Keen4e.exe \nowait.) or adding -nowait to the batch file for mods. (E.g. ck4patch.exe Keen4e.exe -nowait.) It should be noted that the '\' or '-' is not usually necessary for the switch to work but is best kept since under rare circumstances it may be needed.

The following pages deal with individual executable switches:

Disable Joypad switch and nowait affecting debug

This patch disables the joypad switch completely as well as stopping the nowait switch from affecting debug mode.

Keen 4

#Disable nowait affecting debug AND joypad switch (Frees $3EA2-$3EC9)
%patch $3E98 $0E $E8 $F9DBW  $0E $E8 $FC79W  $EB $28