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Cheat codes are sequences of keys pressed simultaneously that provide an in-game effect. There are two main cheat systems, Keen 1-3 and Keen 4-6 (Also used by Keen Dreams.)

Keen 1-3

Here cheats are a always accessible during gameplay. They can be changed or disabled on their own pages. The cheats are:

Keen 4-6 and Dreams

In Keen Galaxy most cheats are only available in debug mode which can itself be considered a cheat. There ar some exceptions such as the free items cheat. Keen Dreams doesn't have a debug mode and all cheats are available all the time. The debug cheats are also known as F10 cheats and a number of them were used to debug the game as much as enable players to cheat.

The switch -nowait used when the game is run will skip the debug code. The cheats are:

Cheat Effect
Free items Give Keen stuff
Win game Win the game and play game won sequence
Boss key Show a false command prompt if caught playing Keen at work
Border color Change the border color
Object count Display information on how many 'things' are in the level
Demo Let player record\save a demo
Exit level cheat End current level
God mode Make Keen invulnerable to hazards
Item cheat Gain items and points, similar to Free item cheat
Jump cheat Let Keen 'fly' while jumping
Memory cheat Display information about memory usage
No clipping Let Keen fall through solid tiles
Slow motion Slow the game to a quarter speed
Sprite test Display information about sprite graphics used in-level
VBL cheat Add VBLs
Warp level Play any level you wish
Secret reveal Show hidden passages
Suicide Kill Keen, game over

F10 cheats and Debug mode

These cheats can be accessed when debug mode is on. Each requires the F10 key and another key to be pressed. For patches that relate to debug mode, including those that disable it as a requirement for F10 cheats see Patch:Debug mode.

Don't need debug mode to use F10 cheats

This patch removes the need to use debug mode in order to use the F10 cheats.

Keen 4

#Don't need debug mode to use F10 cheats
%patch $7AB7 $90 $90

Keen 5

#Don't need debug mode to use F10 cheats
%patch $7A72 $90 $90

Keen 6

#Don't need debug mode to use F10 cheats
%patch $784B $90 $90

Key used for F10 Cheats

The following patches alter which key needs to be pressed to activate an F10 cheat, by default this is F10. The values each key has are explained on Patch:Scancodes. (In this case they are base value + $88)

Keen Galaxy F10 key

#Keen 4 F10-cheat F10 key
%patch $7ABB $C6CFW

#Keen 5 F10-cheat F10 key
%patch $7A76 $BD37W

#Keen 6 F10-cheat F10 key
%patch $784F $C85DW

#Keen Dreams F10-cheat F10 key
%patch $45B7 $E512W

Disable all F10 cheats

These patches remove the key check, meaning that no matter what key is pressed the cheats will not be activated. This cannot be circumvented in any way.

Disable F10 cheats

#Keen 4
%patch $7ABE $EB

#Keen 5
%patch $7A79 $EB

#Keen 6
%patch $7852 $EB

#Keen Dreams
%patch $45BA $EB

Don't need to press F10

These patches remove the need to press the F10 key, that is the cheats can be activated just by pressing their 'cheat letter', making things far easier.

Remove F10 key (Just press letter for cheat)

#Don't need to press F10 -Keen 4
%patch $7ABE $90 $90

#Don't need to press F10 -Keen 5
%patch $7A79 $90 $90

#Don't need to press F10 -Keen 6
%patch $7852 $90 $90

#Don't need to press F10 -Keen Dreams
%patch $45BA $90 $90