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This page contains patches relating to Keen as a sprite in Keen 2. That is, such things as the sprites used, the speeds and sounds. It does not cover patches relating to gameplay such as those that make levels scroll or change keys. Those can be found at Patch:Gameplay (Keen 2). It is divided into sections relating to the various sprite properties the patches involved. Being fluent with various sprite patch pages will help when working with these patches.

As little is known about Keen, there is less information here than for most sprites. Other related pages are Patch:Game start and Patch:Keen shooting (Vorticons).

Behaviors with their own pages

Some behaviors are complex enough to have their own pages. The following pages relate to a single behavior of Keen in Keen Vorticons in general:

Keen's spawn height

Keen spawns 8 pixels lower than where he is placed, because he is not quite two tiles tall. If Keen's sprite height is changed this should also be changed by the same amount.

Keen 2

#Keen's spawn height
%patch $3BBC [$0800W] #Eight pixels down


Some animations of Keens don't need to be specified, since they're animation 0. Sadly these can't easily be patched. Keen does not seem to have a starting animation specified for example. In other cases the number of animation frames used seems to be defined in some manner different to other sprites.

In level

%patch $6816 [$0000W] #Keen facing right
%patch $681E [$0004W] #Keen facing left

#Walking right
%patch $682D [$0000W] #Walking right
%patch $683C $03    #Frames used -1
%patch $6838 $04    #Animation speed

#Walking left
%patch $6850 [$0004W] #Walking left
%patch $685F $03    #Frames used -1
%patch $685B $04    #Animation speed

How closely the screen follows Keen

The screen, when not at the edge of a level, follows the player more or less closely. If the player gets within a certain number of tiles from one edge of the screen, the screen will move. There are thus four limits to how closely the screen follows the player ('lag'); each in 256ths of a pixel.

The last line, as an example, has a value of $3000W, which equates to three tiles. The first line similarly is 12 tiles. Making these values closer to the middle of the screen will make the screen follow Keen more closely. try not to make them larger than the scree itself, or interesting effects occur.

Keen 2

#How closely the screen follows Keen
%patch $62B4 $B000W  #Scroll Right lag
%patch $6302 $9000W  #Scroll Left lag
%patch $634E $7000W  #Scroll Down lag
%patch $639C $3000W  #Scroll Up lag