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The Vorticon Elders are two Vorticons found in Keen 2; they are not sprites, but an entirely tile-based feature. The Elders themselves are tiles, and an invisible 'message tile' brings up the messages when Keen stands in it, much like the Yorp statues in Keen 1.


These are the two messages given by the elders in their respective levels. Both messages will be followed by the same footer text. If the elder is spoken to in a level that is not a message level, only the footer text will appear.

Vorticon elder messages

#Hint: Level 8
%patch $19FCC "The Elder Vorticon    "
%patch $19FE4 "in the stasis field   "
%patch $19FFC "says:                 "
%patch $1A014 "The wise vorticon     "
%patch $1A02C "never jumps in the    "
%patch $1A044 "dark.  In fact, even  "
%patch $1A05C "unwise Vorticons will "
%patch $1A074 "not jump in darkness. "

#Hint: Level 10
%patch $1A08C "The Vorticon Elder    "
%patch $1A0A4 "says through the      "
%patch $1A0BC "stasis field:         "
%patch $1A0D4 "The Grand Intellect   "
%patch $1A0EC "is not from Vorticon  "
%patch $1A104 "VI-- he is from the   "
%patch $1A11C "planet Earth. His evil"
%patch $1A134 "mind-belts control    "
%patch $1A14C "their minds. They are "
%patch $1A164 "not evil. Please do   "
%patch $1A17C "not shoot them, human."

#End of vorticon messages
%patch $1A194 "Press ENTER:"

Text read from

These patches change the addresses which the text is read from.

#Hint text read from: Level 8
%patch $4AD6 $284CW #Line 1
%patch $4ADF $2864W #Line 2
%patch $4AE8 $287CW #Line 3
%patch $4AF1 $2894W #Line 4
%patch $4AFA $28ACW #Line 5
%patch $4B03 $28C4W #Line 6
%patch $4B0C $28DCW #Line 7
%patch $4B15 $28F4W #Line 8

#Hint text read from: Level 10
%patch $4B1A $290CW #Line 1
%patch $4B23 $2924W #Line 2
%patch $4B2C $293CW #Line 3
%patch $4B35 $2954W #Line 4
%patch $4B3E $296CW #Line 5
%patch $4B47 $2984W #Line 6
%patch $4B50 $299CW #Line 7
%patch $4B59 $29B4W #Line 8
%patch $4B62 $29CCW #Line 9
%patch $4B6B $29E4W #Line 10
%patch $4B74 $29FCW #Line 11

#Hint text read from: "Press ENTER"
%patch $4B86 $2A14W

Levels messages appear

There are two levels and two levels alone in which sensible messages from the elders will appear. These can be independently altered.

Levels messages appear

#Change the levels where the Elders appear
%patch $4AC9 [$08]
%patch $4ACE [$0A]