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A map of the Asteroids of Phaelox as seen in The Terror from Outer Space

Phaelox is a distant planet that is the setting of the Keen 4 mod, Terror from Outer Space. It is surrounded by several asteroids. These asteroids were known for their richness in rare Cratom Crystals.

When the Vorticons discoverd this source they began to mine the crystals and builded several refineries and research facilities. Several decades ago, with the Cratom source nearly depleted, the Vorticons powered down their equipment and left.

The dominant race on Phaelox and its Asteroids are the Troggs. They have access to some bio-mechanical technology and they are able to fly through space with organic Spaceships called Pods. Other creatures of lesser intelligence include the Cave Troggs, Spikles, Rockadillos, Bleduses, Tortusks, and Swamp Snappers.

In The Terror from Outer Space, a Vorticon Mothership is attacked by the planet and maintained with Tractor Beams. Commander Keen must try to reach the surface of the asteroids and switch off the Tractor Beam Generators.