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Appears inTerror from Outer Space
Harms Keen?Yes
Shots to defeat1
Portrait of a Trogg

The Trogg is a creature in the Keen 4 mod The Terror from Outer Space by Dr. Colossus. This is one of the several native lifeforms of the planet Phaelox. They are armed with rayguns and shoot energy blasts at Keen. The Cave Troggs are their feral ancestors. The Troggs live in organic houses which have usually far-reaching basements. You can see them well in the Trogg Village.

The official help text states:

These cratures are the dominant inhabitans of the asteroid belt surrounding Phaelox. They are able to fly through space with organic Spaceships called Pods. It is not known why they work with the Bleeches, nor why they are not infested by them.

The mind-controlling property of the Bleeches works only with beings of animal origin. The Troggs have both animal and plant DNA and therefore they are immune to the Bleeches. These inhabitants, who are usually peaceful in their ways, were compelled by force to assist in the conquest of the Vorticon Mothership.

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