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Promotional Release Version

If you compare the directory listing of the files in the Special Demo Version with the Promotional Release Version, you'll find that the files in the PRV have a timestamp of 17-01-92, all file sizes are identical, keen6.doc is missing, and keen6.exe is slightly larger and has a timestamp of 01-01-80. My first thought when I saw the zeroed out timestamp was that some unscrupulous person had hex edited keen6.exe to replace the exit screen ordering information for "Precision Software Applications" in the UK. However, the ordering information in Wolfenstein 3D lists Precision Software Application as the UK distributor of Wolf3D, so PSA appears to be the legitimate distributor for this game in the UK.

Essentially, the SDV is a North American release distributed by FormGen in retail stores like Radio Shack, with direct ordering information for North American customers, and the PRV is a UK version from Precision Software Applications for UK customers. I've edited the descriptions in an attempt to convey that these are regional releases. DOSGuy 04:42, 9 August 2008 (GMT)

Broken Link

The link to the patch on Beyond the Pogo is broken. Could this be updated?