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I was under the impression that all four of the New Vorticon Island levels were all part of New Vorticon, each a different section. Sort of like Brooklyn in New York City. This article suggests that Valden Park and New Vorticon are separate cities. I also suspect that we don't see all of New Vorticon in Keen 3. In order to have such a powerful military force, you need a sizable population to begin with. I suspect we are only seeing the route Keen took through the city. -Stealthy71088 (4:29 GMT April 07, 2007)

Edit: Sorry, didn't look at the map. *Slaps self* Looking at the map, I did think that Valden park was a section of Vortiville, and the two levels on New Vorticon Island were also part of New Vorticon. I don't think it's fair to treat one part as a city, and then compare the two. As levels, yes, cities, no.

Hmm... so you're saying that the 4 levels in the New Vorticon Island are part of one big New Vorticon, and the 4 levels in the Vortiville Island are part of the same Vortiville? That sounds logical, and makes sense with the way the Keen 3 story is told. It would also explain why "Vortiville" appears in several levels. Yep, I agree with that, I'll change where pertinent to reflect that. Sega381 16:01, 9 April 2007 (GMT)