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It says in the level description that there are 5 extra lives in the secret passage under the big door leading to the Gnosticene council member. I actually counted 6. So I plan to make this correction. So there are 8 total extra lives rather than 7.

Something else I would like to mention. It also says it is impossible to escape this area without cheating or dying because the moving platform is too close to the ceiling and you will fall off into the tar. Rather than impossible, it is actually ALMOST impossible. Once the platform comes all the way to the right (which you cannot see when it does) if you stand on the edge just before the tar (which again you cannot see), jump on the platform and duck at the exact instant you land on the platiform. There is a very slim chance you will remain on the moving platform.

As I have already stated, this is almost impossible to do mostly because you cannot see what it is you are doing. In the 10-12 years I have been playing Keen 4 I have only done it a total of 3 times! (2 of the times were by complete accident!) The third time took literally over 100 tries and hours of wasted time! However, since I cannot prove that it is possible (however unlikely) I will leave that text the way it is. But I will correct the number of extra lives in the level. --Syllypryde 19:53, 9 December 2008 (GMT)

Getting out of the Extra lives area.

WhiteCrane is correct. There is a pole hidden there that takes you to a secret passage that leads to the Council Member. I never knew about this pole. I wonder how many other Keeners knew? --Syllypryde 21:56, 31 May 2009 (GMT)


Quick Basic Keen calls this level "Pyramid of the Shadows" - which is right? -- DHeadshot 13:24, 17 December 2009 (GMT)