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Level Infobox
Level Infobox.png
Level numberUnknown
Total pointsUnknown
Total ammoUnknown
Extra livesUnknown

This template is used to display an information box containing details about a level. See Miragia for example use.

Please note that the image should ideally be of the level viewed from the world map; if this is not possible, an image of a notable section of the level (for example, an image of the Quantum Explosion Dynamo in the level of the same name) is acceptable.

On a related note, please remember that complete images of all the levels have already been uploaded under the filename "CkXlvYY.png" where X is 1–6 or a lowercase 'd', and YY is 01 through to however many levels there are in the game, or 80 for the world map. For example, Image:Ck4lv01.png is the first level in Keen 4, and Image:Ckdlv80.png is the world map in Keen Dreams.

Valid parameters and examples are:

  • Image = File.png (avoid use unless you have to, defaults to page name)
  • Game = Keen 1 (defaults to Unknown, no wikicode - must be a valid page name)
  • Level = 12 (defaults to Unknown)
  • Location = [[Mars]] (defaults to Unknown)
  • Dimensions = 120x21 tiles (defaults to Unknown, width then height)
  • Collectibles = [[Wetsuit]] (defaults to None)
  • Points = 50,000 (defaults to Unknown)
  • Correct Points = 50,000 (defaults to Unknown, hidden unless Game is [[Keen 3]])
  • Ammo = 5 Number of standalone single-shot ammo units. (Defaults to Unknown, hidden if Game is [[Keen GBC]])
  • AmmoPacks = 5 Number of Rayguns, Neural Stunners, etc. (Defaults to Unknown, hidden if Game is [[Keen GBC]])
  • Lives = 2 (defaults to Unknown)
  • Song = Eat Your Veggies (defaults to None)
  • Required = Yes (defaults to No)
  • Secret = Yes (defaults to hidden)
  • Inaccessible = Yes (defaults to hidden)

Default values are shown if the parameter is omitted.