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This template expands into a list of levels for a given mod. The levels are taken from the description on the images uploaded for each level. See A Christmas Mod for an example.

It is used by placing wikicode similar to the following on a mod's page:

== Levels ==


Images for each level must be uploaded, and the LevelImage template included on the image's description page, like so:

 | Game = Name of mod
 | LevelTitle = My Fantastic Level
 | LevelNumber = 1
 | EntryText = Keen bounds into My Level
 | Required = No
 | Points = 1234
 | Ammo = 5
 | AmmoPacks = 2

See File:A Christmas Mod-Level06.png for example use (note you may need to click the edit link on that page to see the code).

The Game value must match the page title for the mod, as this is how the images are matched up to mods. See Template:LevelImage for more details on what each parameter is for.