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This template is intended to be used in the description page for an uploaded image of a complete game level.

Example use:

 | Game = Name of mod
 | LevelTitle = My Fantastic Level
 | LevelNumber = 1
 | EntryText = Keen bounds into My Level
 | Required = No
 | Points = 1234
 | Ammo = 5
 | AmmoPacks = 2
Parameter Description
LevelNumber = 1 Number of the level according to the game engine (rather than the order of play.)
LevelTitle = My Level Name of the level as text.
Game = My Mod Page for the mod this level is from.
EntryText = Keen bounds into My Level (Optional) Text shown when the player enters a level.
Required = Yes Is this level required in order to complete the game? Boolean: Yes or No (default is "unknown")
Points = 1234 Number of points available in the level.
Ammo = 5 Quantity of individual shots that can be picked up in this level. Not all games provide individual units of ammo.
  • 1 Pistol Shot, Pistol Shots
  • 1 Flower Power, Flower Powers
AmmoPacks = 2 Quantity of ammo packs that can be picked up in this level. Depending on the game, this will be the number of Rayguns, Neural Stunners, or Super Flower Powers. Typically these provide the player with five extra shots, although in easy mode on episodes 4-6 they provide eight extra shots.
  • 1 ammo pack, ammo packs
  • 1 Raygun, Rayguns
  • 1 Vorticon HyperPistol, Vorticon HyperPistols
  • 1 Pistol, Pistols
  • 1 Neural Stunner, Neural Stunners
  • 1 Super Flower Power, Super Flower Powers
  • Default to displaying as number of ammo packs

The template appears as follows: Level -1, (unknown title) from the Keen mod {{{Game}}}.

Information Value
Is this level required to finish the game? Unknown
Number of points Unknown
Individual ammo items N/A
Ammo packs (guns) Unknown