The Grand Intellect꞉ Doomship Dilemma

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The Grand Intellect꞉ Doomship Dilemma
The Grand Intellect꞉ Doomship Dilemma.png
Mod-ingame-The Grand Intellect꞉ Doomship Dilemma.png
Modded episodeKeen 1
ProtagonistMortimer McMire
Release date
Latest update2014-06-26
HomepageModDB page
Discussion(s)PCKF: Beta, Full, Ultimate
Keen: Modding (Full)
Number of levels16
Secret levels1
New gameplay?No
New graphics?Yes
New levels?Yes
New sounds?Yes
New music?No
Full Version
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The Grand Intellect: Doomship Dilemma is a Keen 1 mod by Dr. Villain. Two betas were released but the mod was eventually abandoned. Two final releases were created, the first by Levellass and Levellord in 2009 and the second by Szemigi in 2014.

Versions and version differences

There exists a total of four different versions of the mod. The first two are incomplete betas while the remaining two are complete, but separate, final releases. These are known, in order, as 'Beta A', 'Beta B', 'Full version' and 'Ultimate version'.


'The Grand Intellect: Doomship Dilemma Beta A' title screen.

Dr. Villain released two betas of the mod that had only slight differences between the two. Notable in both betas is the use of an illegally modified executable file in lieu of the usual CKPatch and patch file. The game also uses novel filenames for various things, and it is thought that such patching ingenuity would have been expanded on in the final game.

Full version

Full version title screen

The levels in the full version were made by Levellass, Levellord and Calvin. This version also features modified sound effects by Levellord and Levellass as well as a palette patch and several other novel patches. Also notable is that you can't shoot in this mod. It was released in 2009 and contains a full suite of levels and completed enemy and tile graphics.

The ultimate version

On the 26th of June 2014, Szemigi released the 'ultimate' version using Dr. Villain's intended mod schematic. The ultimate version contains a full suite of levels, some of which are based on the final\beta levels, new enemies and patches and additional story.

Technical Information

  • Graphics: Varies, some old graphics in all releases, complete tilesets\enemies in both non-beta releases
  • Tileset: New in both complete releases with some basis in old graphics
  • Levels: 16 playable levels
  • Story text: edited and corrected with continuity to Mort 2 and 3
  • Tools used: Mindbelt, KeenGraph, MS Paint, KeenWave


Mortimer McMire, evil eight year-old genius, has been fighting with his arch-nemesis Billy Blaze for as long as he had the misfortune of knowing him. Billy always got in the way of Mortimers plans, causing him no end of trouble and allowing inferior minds to continue to plague the universe. However, despite Billy Blaze (a.k.a. Commander Keen) is meddling, Mortimer has managed to unite some of the more intelligent races to help him destroy this menace once and for all. To them, he is known as:

THE GRAND INTELLECT--the most intelligent being in the universe!

With his many followers and his high I.Q., he rids the galaxy of the weak minded and paves the way for a new, golden age!

Episode One: Doomship Dilemma

In this episode, Commander Keen has halted the launch of Mortimer's Mangling Machine by stealing important components. This major setback will throw a wrench in Mort's plans if the parts are not retreived post-haste, and none of his minions are brave enough to go get them. Oh well, if you want something done right...


These items from the ultimate version:

  • VORTICON DATA RELAY (from Vorticon VI) Computer Data Systems.
  • CRYSTALIUS SHARD (from Gnosticus IV) Power regulation core.
  • HOT CUP OF TEA (from Earth) Brownian motion producer.
  • LIQUID MEGANIUM (from Tantalus Beta) Fuel.
  • Cubipop: 100 points
  • Cheeseburger: 200 points
  • Strawberry Cake: 500 points
  • French Fries: 1000 points
  • Badlands Cola: 5000 points


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