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The link of the full version doesn't work anymore. Szemigi 7th of Dec, 2012, at 22:23

Split the page?

The releases by Levellass and Szemi are actually two different mods based on the same small beta, so maybe each one should have its own page? Though I'm not sure which page should deal with the beta version. --Grandy02 (talk) 10:18, 28 June 2014 (GMT)

Since they all come from the same root, I feel they should stay together on one page. There may be a better way to order the sections though. -- Flaose (talk) 13:56, 28 June 2014 (GMT)
Not that it would be that important, but doesn't that mean that one is not able to rate the two mods separately? I'm also not sure about the infobox, isn't it a little "unfair" to only feature images of one version? --Grandy02 (talk) 20:20, 28 June 2014 (GMT)
I agree that this page should either be split into multiple pages or have different sections for each version (with seperate infoboxes). The different interpretations are all very different from each other. If the latter is done, is it possible to be able to vote for all of them individually? Pandakeen (talk) 18:55, 5 August 2021 (GMT)
I'd prefer a separate page named something like "The Grand Intellect꞉ Doomship Dilemma (ultimate version)" for Szemi's version. As both completed mods are derived from the same beta, there would be the same basic info on the original author's work on both pages (a little redundancy). At least that's how I would handle it. --Grandy02 (talk) 20:48, 7 August 2021 (GMT)