The Grand Intelligence

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The Grand Intelligence is a series of Keen mods by Szemigi.

The Grand Intelligence- Cybernetic Dream.png The Grand Intelligence- The World is in trouble.png The Grand Intelligence- Moment of the Justice.png The Grand Intelligence IV- Intelligent Intellect.png The Grand Intelligence Gold.png


Martinez McMeyer
also known as The Grand Intelligence is Mortimer McMire's good counterpart and Commander Keen's heroic equivalent from a parallel universe. Also, his ultimate nemesis is Collapser Keen (Commander Keen's bad counterpart). Unlike Mortimer, he has much higher IQ (513), but in a positive way as his goal is to save the universe instead of destroying that. His age is the same as Commander Keen. His IQ is the highest in the alternate dimension, so he is smart and heroic, like Commander Keen. His ultimate goal is to save the universe from Collapser Keen and his friends. His weapon is the Bomb Blaster.
The Ikadish is the good counterpart of the Shikadi in a parallel universe. Unlike the Shikadi, they are yellow and not invisible. They are the servants of the Grand Intelligence, Martinez McMeyer, who defends their universe from Collapser Keen and his friends. While the Shikadi looks angry, the Ikadish has average look.
The Gloob is the good counterpart of the Bloog. They are grey, two-eyed(unlike the Bloog) birds with normal wing. They are also friendly and the army of Martinez McMeyer.
Collapser Keen.png
Collapser Keen
He is the main antagonist, the bad counterpart of Commander Keen and the nemesis of Martinez McMeyer. His IQ is 413. He looks like Commander Keen except he has the letter C on his helmet, and his shoes and clothes are opposite-shaded. While Commander Keen has dark blue eyes in the game, Collapser Keen's eyes are light blue. His weapon is the Neutral Stunner.


  1. The Grand Intelligence: Cybernetic Dream
  2. The Grand Intelligence: The World is in trouble
  3. The Grand Intelligence: Moment of the Justice
  4. The Grand Intelligence IV: Intelligent Intellect
  5. The Grand Intelligence Gold