The Grand Intelligence IV: Intelligent Intellect

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The Grand Intelligence IV: Intelligent Intellect
The Grand Intelligence IV- Intelligent Intellect.png
Mod-ingame-The Grand Intelligence IV- Intelligent Intellect.png
Modded episodeKeen 4
ProtagonistMartinez McMeyer
Release date
Latest update2013-12-07
Number of levels18
Secret levels1
New gameplay?No
New graphics?Yes
New levels?Yes
New sounds?Yes
New music?Yes
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The Grand Intelligence IV: Intelligent Intellect is a Keen 4 mod made by Szemigi.


In this episode Martinez McMeyer (aka the Grand Intelligence) has been sucked into Commander Keen's universe, where he has to save Commander Keen and his friends. To save Keen's friends, Martinez must confront his evil counterpart, Mortimer McMire.

Level List

World Map
  • Mart lands on the Space Station
  • Mart hesitantly checks the Control Room
  • Mart faces the Star Dock
  • Mart bursts into Rocket A
  • Mart carefully neaks into Rocket B
  • Mart approaches Rocket C
  • Mart looks around in Rocket D
  • Mart ascends the Transform T.
  • Mart wanders in Mort's Lab
  • Mart goes to the Floating Area
  • Mart floats in the Space Maze
  • Mart gets shocked in the Electro Dome
  • Mart stops at the Space Dock
  • Mart mechanizes his hands in the Engine Room
  • Mart makes his way into the Red Pit
  • Mart visits the Desert Town
  • Mart enters the Mangling Machine
  • Mart explores Rocket E
  • Mart decides to return to his Miracle Machine

Creatures and other modifications

Blue Bird Egg replacement
Mimrock replacement
Shikadi Guard
Walking Blue Bird replacement
Butler Droid.png
Butler Droid
Wormouth replacement
Fusion Bomb.png
Fusion Bomb
Underwater Mine replacement
Arachnut replacement
Mad Mushroom replacement
Bounder replacement
Blue Guy.png
Berkeloid replacement
Flying Guy.png
Thundercloud replacement
Treasure Eater replacement
Mini Mangling Machine.png
Mini Mangling Machine
Sprite replacement
Toy Rocket.png
Toy Rocket
Schoolfish replacement
Council Member replacement
Giant Droid.png
Giant Droid
Dopefish replacement
Inchworm replacement
Noob Saibot
Lick replacement
Mortimer McMire (Battle of the Brains).png
Mortimer McMire
Poison Slug replacement


Peach Juice.png
Peach Juice
100 points
Sprinkled Muffin.png
Sprinkled Muffin
200 points
Bluberry Popsicle.png
Bluberry Popsicle
500 points
1000 points
Chocolate Bonbon.png
Chocolate Bonbon
2000 points
Rice Pudding.png
Rice Pudding
5000 points


Nuclear Blaster.png
Nuclear Blaster
More ammo
Unlock doors
Waving Martinez.png
Waving Martinez
Extra life

Easter Eggs / References

  • In the Control Room level if you get to the secret room, you can see a blue door that leads you to the main control room, but you cannot enter it. Moreover you can also find Noob Saibot and his portrait, which is a reference to Mortal Kombat due to the fact that this mod was planned to be a crossover between Commander Keen and Mortal Kombat featuring Noob Saibot, but this idea was scrapped in favour of Grand Intelligence 4 and Noob Saibot is Szemigi's favourite character.
  • In the Star Dock level you can find a dead Little Ampton with a screwed up computer behind the yellow beam. It's a reference to Keen 5.
  • In Rocket D you can find two Rocketpops behind a glass bulb. It's a reference to Keen 9.
  • In the Space Dock level you can find Molly in a room with some Bloogs. It's a reference to Keen 6.
  • If you get to Rocket E and you enter the secret place, you will find a blue M platform. Stand on it a bit and after a short while Martinez will transform into his blue form. It's a reference to Szemigi's earlier idea due to the fact that originally Martinez was planned to be blue instead of green, but due to the boring blue colours Martinez has been changed to green.
  • The "Deja View" title is a reference to the Powerpuff Girls comic issue 50: Deja View, where the Powerpuff Girls meet the Powerpunk Girls in a parallel universe.

Release History / Downloads