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Initial release
Latest update2015-09-03
Development statusBeta
LicenseCopyright © 2015 by Ben Nordick. All Rights Reserved.
Tool TypeTileinfo Extender
Engine(s)Keen:Galaxy, Keen:Dreams, Bio Menance
DownloadTliExtend v.2 newest
Mirror Download

TliExtend is a command line based tileinfo extension utility for the level editor Abiathar. It was built by Fleex to fix the tileinfo file after the respective tilesets were resized. This tool comes in handy especially when working on a source code-based mod.


The tileinfo format is planar, so the information for each tile is spread out all over the file, and at offsets determined by the number of tiles in the file. Therefore, it can't just be extended by writing a bunch of zeros at the end; the spaces for the new tiles have to be inserted throughout the file. That would, of course, be very painful to do by hand in a hex editor.


  • Built-in help (try invoking it without any arguments)
  • Can remove (truncate) tiles, and will ask for confirmation before doing so
  • Supports merged maphead/tileinfo files with an optional argument


The syntax of TliExtend is fairly simple; it takes six or seven command-line arguments, in this order:

  • existing tileinfo file name
  • current number of background tiles
  • current number of foreground tiles
  • output tileinfo file name
  • new number of background tiles
  • new number of foreground tiles
  • optionally, length of non-tileinfo (MAPHEAD) data in the existing file. In the case of source code modding, this must normally be set to 402.

This build requires FMod.dll, which is included with Abiathar.

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