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Initial release
Latest update2024-03-14
Development statusFinished
Programming languageBlitzMax
PlatformWindows 32-bit
Tool TypeGraphics, Text Editor
Engine(s)Keen:Galaxy, Keen:Dreams
Download(beta v.1.013) newest

uGrab is an advanced EGAGRAPH editor with a graphical user interface, mainly intended for use with Commander Keen source mods.

This tool was written because the existing tools to edit EGAGRAPH files (like ModKeen and ModId) were not designed to allow the user to add, move or remove sprites. This was fine for modding Keen 4-6, since the amount of sprites is hard-coded in those games. But for source mod development, this is a crippling disadvantage. uGrab prevents from having to rewrite half of the ModId definition file for a source mod every single time.


uGrab can...

  • read and write EGAGRAPH files
  • import graphics in any format, including BMP, PNG, GIF and JPEG
  • export graphics as fully ModId-compatible bitmaps
  • add new elements (fonts, sprites, pics, extern) and move them to any position without having to rename files
  • edit sprite hitboxes by pointing and clicking instead of typing numbers into a text file
  • add new elements by dragging and dropping files onto the uGrab window while the program is running
  • automatically remove any unnecessary transparent parts from sprites and adjust the offset values accordingly to reduce memory usage in-game
  • can be run from the command line as a ModId replacement.

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