Adurdin's 1st Levelpack

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Adurdin's 1st Levelpack
Keen 2 title.png
Mod-ingame-Adurdin's 1st Levelpack.png
Modded episodeKeen 2
ProtagonistCommander Keen
Release date
Number of levels1
Secret levels0
New gameplay?No
New graphics?No
New levels?Yes
New sounds?No
New music?No
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Adurdin's 1st Levelpack features only one custom Keen 2 level, which is set as level 29 (taking over the Washington Tantalus Centers spot on the map).

In the beginning of the level, there is a sign that says "Mothership Control Room Authorized Persons Only". The worldmap was edited to change how some of the levels look, including ones that don't lead to a custom level when entered.

It's been uttered that this level requires considerable skill to complete and can be a bit plain in places.

Level Map

Spoiler warning! This shows the whole level.