Washington Tantalus Center

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Washington Tantalus Center
Washington Tantalus Center.png
GameKeen 2
Level number16
LocationVorticon Mothership
Dimensions84 x 49 tiles
Total points70000
Total ammo12 Vorticon HyperPistol12 ammopack <br />12 Pistol <br />12 SuperFlowerPower <br />12 NeuralStunner <br />12 Raygun <br />
Extra lives0
Map of the Washington Tantalus Center

This level name is unconfirmed. If you know of the correct name, please discuss it on the talk page before renaming it.

Washington Tantalus Center is one of the Tantalus Ray levels found in Keen 2. It is marked as "DC" written in SGA in the Vorticon Mothership blueprints.

As the name implies, it is aimed at the city of Washington, D. C., in the USA. The image on the screen is the Capitol, which is probably the exact point of impact. This is the second city in the United States targeted by the Vorticons.

This level can be seen as the last level in Keen 2, besides from the level inner number, since it is the hardest one in this episode and it is located in the head of the Vorticon Mothership (and thus is the farthest one from the beginning). However, it does not have to be completed lastly.

This is a very hard level, as most of the standing ground consists of hazards (plasma pools and Jacob's Ladders). Keen has to jump his way around, using moving platforms, activating bridges, and travelling on Scrubs to get to the end of the level. Most of it consists of a crystal like structure with several passages and Jacob's Ladders, which eventually get to the Tantalus Control Room. There are two keycards Keen needs to get: the blue one, and then the green one, which opens the door to the Control Room. There is also a red keycard, but no red door, so it is not used at all.

Besides three Vorticon Elite that greet Keen in the entrance corridor, there are another four in the Tantalus Control Room, making this level the one with the most Elite warriors in the game. This level also features two exits, in the same way as Moscow Tantalus Center, with one right below the other one, and allowing Keen to get more points.

It is interesting to note that this level is far easier to complete with the lights off. In fact, there are four light switches in the level, which can be used to turn all the lights on or off at any time. The first corridor at the bottom of the map is far easier to survive through, since the Vorticon Elite units will not jump onto the upper layer of platforms. Also, the Tantalus Ray at the end of the level is easier to get to, since the Elite warriors will just run into a pit not jump back out.

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