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Appears inAtroxian Realm
Harms Keen?Yes
Shots to defeat45E, 60M, or 75H
Atroxus and Keen get into a very rough fight.

Atroxus is the main villain and final boss of Atroxian Realm by Gridlock.

Atroxus is the massive three-eyed flying robot responsible for bringing about the Atroxian Realm on Planet Krisle. It resides on top of the ancient temple, guarding the Realm Reactor, which Commander Keen must destroy in order to save Planet Krisle.

Atroxus is heavily armoured except for the powerful thruster on it's underside, which the flying robot overlord uses to attack with blasts of blue fire. The robot will home in on Keen to crush him, but Keen can keep Atroxus in the air and defeat it by jumping and then rushing under the robot to fire his Neural Stunner up at Atroxus' one weak spot. It will take many stunner blasts to gradually weaken this powerful enemy, who will begin to emit sparks and malfunction as it becomes more damaged. At the point where Atroxus reaches critical damage, it will explode (nearly taking out Keen in the blast!) and cease to function. Keen can then destroy the Realm Reactor and save Planet Krisle at last!

The in-game help text states: This tyrannic warlord created the Atroxian Realm. His advanced combat systems make him Keen's most dangerous adversary ever. He guards the Realm Reactor atop the Sky Sanctum. Be prepared!

Atroxus is a Dopefish replacement.