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Appears inAtroxian Realm
Harms Keen?Yes
Shots to defeatImmortal

The Axoclaw is an airborne robot enemy in the Keen 4 mod Atroxian Realm by Gridlock.

Axoclaw fires a blue plasma ball towards Keen.

Axoclaws are guard robots which float through the air using powerful rocket thrusters located on either side of their metal chassis. They are equipped with an electric cannon which fires homing bursts of blue plasma, and have a thick metal armor which completely protects the robot's circuitry and power source from any attack, rendering the Axoclaw invincible. The Axoclaw appears to be a heavily modified Atroxian.

The Axoclaw can first be found guarding important areas of the Security Layer and the Atroxian Base, but is also encountered later on as part of the murderous invasion that swept through the Kridonea Ruins.

The in-game help text states - When in range, these Atroxian sentries blast homing fireballs at you!

Before Atroxian Realm became a source-code mod, the Axoclaw was a Thundercloud replacement.