Security Layer

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Security Layer
Security Layer.png
Game[[Game::Atroxian Realm]]
Level number13
Dimensions182 x 84 tiles
Total points113,800
Total ammoUnknown"Unknown" is not a number. + [[Available ammo::15 x Neural Stunner]] individual shots
Extra livesUnknown"Unknown" is not a number.
Song[[Atroxian Realm Music|"Security Layer"]]
Map of the Security Layer.
In-game screenshot: Keen tunnels his way through the Security Layer.

The Security Layer is a mandatory level in Atroxian Realm, a Keen 4 mod by Gridlock.

The Security Layer is a complex of three large buildings that were built to guard the Atroxian Base. The buildings are tall, maze-like, and extremely dangerous. Green lazers fire from all directions, spikes litter the ground, and Atroxian robots swarm all over this deadly checkpoint. As Commander Keen enters the Security Layer he will encounter a fearsome flying robot called the Axoclaw, and as he makes his way through the Security Layer he will also have to battle Atroxians and Atroxites. There is a small cave system running under the building complex through which Keen can enter the buildings, but these caves are also extremely well guarded by Atroxian threats! If Keen can make it through the Security Layer, he will reach the Atroxian Base and hopefully be able to shut down the 2nd generator that guards access to Kridonea City.

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