Brithom Bog

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Brithom Bog
Brithom Bog.png
Game[[Game::Atroxian Realm]]
Level number5
LocationSwamp of the Krisle
Dimensions183 x 77 tiles
Total points74,700
Total ammoUnknown"Unknown" is not a number. + [[Available ammo::14 x Neural Stunner]] individual shots
Extra lives5
Song[[Atroxian Realm Music|"Brithom Bog"]]
A map of the Brithom Bog
In-game screenshot: Keen escapes a green laser firing machine.

Brithom Bog is a required level of Atroxian Realm, a Keen 4 mod by Gridlock.

North of Murky Marsh is a thick swampland area known as Brithom Bog. Once a pristine natural wetland of Planet Krisle, the swamp is now choked and polluted by machinery constructed by the Atroxian robots and serves as a security checkpoint for the bridge to the Atroxian Base. Brithom Bog stands ready to challenge Commander Keen after he defeats Murky Marsh, but the bridge it guards will be impassable until Keen operates a switch located in Port Atrox.

Swarming with Atroxites and heavily defended by floating machines which fire green lasers, Brithom Bog puts any would-be intruder to the test! An occasional Dartfrog can be found here as well, the only remaining natural inhabitant of this once-beautiful wetland.


There are a total of 74,700 points here distributed as 52 Lemon Drops, 60 Quadpops, 17 French Fries, 10 Kabobs, 9 Sphere Mints, 5 Choc-Lover's Cones, 4 Rainbow Snowcones (5,200 + 12,000 + 8,500 + 10,000 + 9,000 + 10,000 + 20,000 = 74,700). The number of Sparks is 65 and there are two Spark Stars and one 3-UP Hyper Star hidden in secret areas.

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