Candy Bar (Keen 2)

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Candy Bar (Keen 2)
Candy Bar (Keen 2).png
Appears inKeen 2
Point value100
Ammo valueN/A
Acts as keycard?No
Gives life?No

Candy Bar is an item in Commander Keen 2. It is worth 100 points, being the most common item found in the Vorticon Mothership. It is probably carried on the Mothership for the energy it gives to its warriors, or maybe as snacks for the Youths aboard.

It seems to show the letters "MA" or "HA" on its wrapping, though it is not clear what is the complete word. It is strange that the letters are in the latin alphabet and not in the Standard Galactic Alphabet. It may indicate that it was taken from Earth, and may hint towards a "Mars" candy bar, similar to the 'P' to Pepsi on Soda cans.

A similar candy bar, the Zitto Candy Bar, can be found in Vorticon VI in Keen 3.

Appearance in Keen GBC

Candy Bar GBC.png
Candy Bars also appear in Keen GBC and are worth 5 points in the Forest o' Crazy Mushrooms and 10 points in The Plasma Crystal Mines.

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